Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is this on?

My fellow Americans, I've just signed legislation that will outlaw the Soviet Union...

Wait. What?

Yeah, it feels like I haven't blogged since '91. But, I've been busy.

Okay, uninterested is more like it. But now, the Beast is starting to rattle the bars of her cage. And while it may be just her snoring that's making the bars shake, it's something. After months of hibernation, she's showing signs of life.

But here's the irony. This weekend is already packed. And Sunday, my folks come for a visit. And next weekend is packed. And the weekend after that? I'm going camping. So, if I do roust her, it won't be for almost another month. Figures, huh?

So, why did she lay down and slip into a coma? Well, that's complicated. Dunno if I want to get into it right here and now. So, instead, I'll update you on what's been going on over the last seven months:

I joined Twitter.
I started seeing someone.
Went to my 20th high school reunion.
Went to Pride. In boy mode.
Put on a few pounds.
Drank a lot. A lot.
Watched a lot of movies on Netflix.
Read a couple of books.
Agreed to let friends shoot part of a movie in my apartment.
Won a few awards at work.
Didn't get laid off.
Hit a deer in a rented Mustang convertable.
Forgot how to spell "convertible"
Ran part of a marathon. (Not a very big part.)
Re-arranged my living room.
Re-rearranged my living room for the movie crew.
Cleaned the toliet.

And so it goes.