Monday, December 27, 2010

From TGF

Reposted from Transgender Forum:

We couldn’t wait till the new year to open the doors to TGF so this week we ask you to register again using the registration page that will be available on the first page of TGF. (It will be a link that says something informative like “Register.”) When you register you will be able to update your email address (if you have been registered with a address you need to get a Yahoo or gmail address) and you will automatically be a registered TGF reader for 10 years. For free! And, you can tell all your TG pals that they can stop by at and register too. No more problems with telling a friend how cool some post on TGF was and then having them tell you they couldn’t view the page. They have no excuse now — it’s free!

And then, once you've registered, be sure to read my column from October 25: I hate transsexuals. (This is where I do most of my writing.)